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Art upon request!

My name is Rob Langenberg. Born in 1945, I started painting in an early stage. Under the guidance of my grandfather I learned the art of observing well and I had permission to draw on the back side of his cigar box. Both my father and grandfather were meritorious draftsmen and painters, teaching me a lot about technique and color theory. At a very early age I already decided that I wanted to be an artist and started following several evening courses to achieve my goal as well.


At the age of 20 I became employed as designer-decorator to earn a living to feed the family. Because the job finally did not satisfy my creative brain, I decided to be self employed and started my own business. At the age of 52, my health did not allow me anymore to continue this business and I was forced to terminate it.
Once at home, I gathered my brushes and an old piece of canvas stored in the attic and with great pleasure and full commitment I started painting again.
I am not only available to paint your own horse or other pet, like cats or dogs, or a portrait of one of your beloved ones upon request. You are also free to choose a painting from my beautiful collection.

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